Brand Guide

Branding is important. It visually unifies our local churches, districts, and ministries. To help maintain this unity, we have created an in-depth guide that tells you how to use the GC logo and color scheme to represent your local church and/or ministry. 

CoG7 Logo and Brand Guidelines

In 2017, the Church of God (Seventh Day) released a new logo and brand. This level of rebranding was the first of its kind, designed to better reflect the essence of who we are and where we are going as a church and Conference. In order to better equip the churches and districts, the Conference developed a complete guide of brand standards to help you understand how and why we use such standards. With your help and the use of our guide, we can ensure that our brand keeps its integrity.

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

Our logo is more than a symbol to help identify churches and ministries as part of the General Conference. Watch this short video to learn about the hidden meaning behind our logo, how it speaks to our mission and vision, and how our colors differentiate the General Conference from individual churches, districts, and ministries.

The logo represents three things: 

  1. The harmony of grace and truth. Tilt your head to the left, and you see a dove’s wing representing being Spirit formed. Tilt your head to the right, and you see the pages of a Bible representing being Bible based. These two images, combined and pointed upward, signify the upward focus on Jesus.

  2. The three colors and sections represent the three parts of our core identifying phrase: Christ Centered, Grace Oriented, and Sabbath Celebrating.

  3. The three colors and sections also represent our organizational structure of local ministries, district ministries, and General Conference ministries. The circle denotes the spirit of trust and mutual submission.

Brand Resource Guides

Full Brand Guide

This complete brand book gives you the fullest understanding of our entire brand  — from our visual identity to its application and usage.

Quick Guide

Our quick guide is available as a resource in your church or ministry. It highlights the primary guidelines from our Brand Guide for using our logo, colors, and fonts.

Local Church Guide

This guide is specifically designed to show you the multiple ways you can use the logo in your church and how to employ them.

Digital Graphics and Banners

By downloading our digital graphics pack, you get access to social media, website, and other online graphics that will help you promote your church and ministries. 

CoG7 Web Design Services

This site was designed by KC Media, a company specializing in optimized and responsive web design services. They are versed in the needs of Church of God (Seventh Day) churches and are ready to create websites that meet all the brand requirements of the GC Brand Guide.